Following Fashion? | Do you follow fashion blindly?

“I think that fashion is wearing clothes that are your own individual style.”
That’s a bit of forward thinking for a 17-year-old girl who is bombarded by the ever present magazine and catalogues that ‘dictate’ fashion, wouldn’t you say?
Another friend told me that she simple ‘dresses to feel comfortable’. And a third said that although she feels pressure to conform, she chooses not to because she knows that she will ‘loose herself’ if she does.

How many of you Bella girls can’t resist the glossy magazines that are displayed so prominently in newsagents and supermarkets, peppered with double-page spreads of celebrities rocking new fashion trends? Of course we lift that popular fashion mag off the shelves, determined to purchase every garment and accessory inside just so we can mimic the emaciated model with the flowing flaxen hair and flawless figure, decked out in hundreds of dollars of brand-name threads. Or do we?

Who says that you have to obey the fashion bibles? Fashion is, in essence, your personality – sewn, draped, and buttoned onto you. Yet ultimately no one can dictate fashion to you, because no-one dares to say that leopard prints only suit certain body shapes, or that too much glitter looks tacky, or that sloppy-joe jumpers and hippy pants are daggy.

“Fashion is YOU – in Fabric”

Fashion is, contrary to popular belief, a concept that is open to interpretation, and it is the perfect canvas for self expression and individuality. Your clothes can express so many things about you- your mood, your personality, your opinions and interest. Why would you want to sacrifice everything that makes you special simple to conform to contemporary fashion?

Following this thread, perhaps we shouldn’t be afraid to be the girl who wears all the colours of the rainbow when confronted with a sea of inky black. Why not wear your opinions on your shirts and your heart on your sleeve?

Remember that we are all individuals.

Conforming to fashion cancels out our uniqueness, and we simple become just like about Barbie Doll in the production line, indistinguishable from those around us.

Break the mould – use fashion as another way to express your own uniqueness, not as a way to blend into the background. The bottom line, Bella girls, is that fashion is you – in fabric.

Don’t follow everyone else’s patterns.

Weave your own way into the fashion fold.

By Erin Canavan – Bella Writing Competition Winner Spring 2012

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